What Shoes Does Steph Curry Wear? Here Are Some of Them

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NBA becomes a signature sports entertainment in the United States and has introduced tons of stars and most valuable players over time. One name that you should not underestimate is Steph Curry, who became NBA most valuable player for two years (2015-2016). What Shoes Does Steph Curry Wear? Here is the unique question. Some people, in fact, are more concerned to the shoes that this player often wore during the games instead of paying attention to the game itself. Well, it is likely you can get many references of shoes as this player has a good taste in both quality and style. No wonder, he had many collections out there.

Over the years, Stephen Curry has worn numerous basketball shoes so you can find many references, but here are some of them (under the brand name of Under Armour).

Men’s High Tops Black and White

The combination of black and white color is both amusing and elegant. Not only this sneaker is cool, but it offers stability and comfort as well. It is said Curry loves this item due to its excellent control.

Under Armour Curry 2 Men’s High Tops

White always becomes an appealing color for basketball shoes. This explains this item has become one of Steph Curry’s favorite during his career. This two low-cut sneaker features reliable speed form technology that prevents injury when speeding. The best thing is that the shoes offer great comfort to its wearers.

Under Armour Curry Two PE

This stunning sneaker comes with an interesting color combination, which includes sea blue, light blue, white, and yellow. He wore the shoes in 2016 and had inspired many fans back there. The thing is the price of this pair is quite expensive, so you need to save some money before purchasing.

Under Armour One Low

When it comes to Steph Curry’s shoes, you may find the one called One Low. It looks simple, but it offers numerous benefits to the wearer including style, comfort, and grip. No wonder, Curry relied on this one to provide him with the best stability and lightweight performance. In terms of design, it comes with white color and simple style.

Charged Foam Curry One’s High Tops

One of the best collections of shoes worn by Steph Curry is this charged foam sneaker. The best thing about the product is related to its technology, which offers both light feel and comfort. Not only it offers good performance, the shoes have unique design and color as well (that emits Army look).

Under Armour Curry Two Low Cut

One of the shoes worn by Steph Curry is this two low-cut sneaker. According to some sources, he chose this pair due to its lightweight quality and well-built design. The combination of black and red color is definitely amusing. Not to mention it comes with a comfy silver sole and reliable cushioning.

RLT FatTire Boots

Here is the fact. Steph Curry has other types of shoes than the ones that he wears to play basketball. For instance, it is the RLT FatTire boots. The solid black color offers masculine appearance and elegant look. Also, it comes with an upper made of premium leather!


So, what do you think about the shoes above? What Shoes Does Steph Curry Wear? The references are too many, but some of them have been mentioned above. Perhaps many of you want to collect them, but it would definitely cost much money.



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