Using a Preschool Shoe Size Cart Properly

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Using a Preschool Shoe Size Cart Properly

The fact is that children grow faster than parents can imagine. No wonder, choosing the right size for preschoolers is considered challenging especially among those who have no experience in it. Have no worries. A Preschool Shoe Size Cart would be a big help. Why do preschoolers need shoes instead of sandals? Here is the common reason. Most preschools do not allow students to wear sandals. Thus, parents should provide the right shoes for their kids no matter what. The problem is that the shoes should fit perfectly on the kids’ feet.

The Sample of Shoe Size Chart for Preschoolers

3 3/16 0C
3 9/16 1C
3 15/16 2C
4 4/16 3C
4 9/16 4C
4 15/16 5C
5 4/16 6C
5 9/16 7C
5 15/16 8C
6 4/16 9C
6 9/16 10C
6 12/16 10.5C
6 15/16 11C
7 1/16 11.5C
7 4/16 12C
7 7/16 12.5C
7 9/16 13C
7 12/16 13.5C
8.3 0C
9.1 1C
10 2C
10.8 3C
11.6 4C
12.5 5C
13.3 6C
14.2 7C
15 8C
15.9 9C
16.7 10C
17.2 10.5C
17.6 11C
18 11.5C
18.4 12C
18.8 12.5C
19.3 13C
19.7 13.5C
7 14/16 1Y
8 1/16 1.5Y
8 3/16 2Y
8 6/16 2.5Y
8 8/16 3Y
8 10/16 3.5Y
8 13/16 4Y W 5.5
8 15/16 4.5Y W 6
9 2/16 5Y W 6.5
9 4/16 5.5Y W 7
9 6/16 6Y M 6 / W 7.5
9 9/16 6.5Y M 6.5 / W 8
9 11/16 7Y M 7 / W 8.5

Considerations When Choosing the Right Size

The most common mistake that parents often made is that they would have prepared some pairs of shoes before the kids outgrow. It is not wise, though. The fact is that kids’ feet grow unpredictably so it is better to buy the shoes right away when they need it. As an alternative, parents can take advantage of experts’ advice regarding the average growth of the feet. Between the ages of 1-3, the growth is approximately 1.5 mm each month. As for kids between 3-6 years-old, the growth reduces to 1 mm per month.

Parents need to know the fact that kids are different. Not to mention the time of their growth spurts might be different. That means some children have either smaller or larger feet than others and their parents should be aware of such fact. In this case, choosing the right size of shoes (especially for preschoolers) is definitely important. There is even the chance that the kids won’t undergo any growth of the length of the feet for a year or two. In fact, many kids recently have such issue regardless of the gender and age.

Commonly, parents use the old pair of their kids’ shoes as the benchmark when buying the new shoes. Some kids are likely to gain weight, so the size of their feet might increase over time. For a perfect fit, parents should use the size chart and consult the sellers before purchasing. Not to mention they should pay attention to the brand or manufacturer. The famous brands usually come with the best quality of materials so the products give the best comfort to the feet regardless of the size.

Sizing is Important

Using a Preschool Shoe Size Cart Properly

When using the shoe size chart for preschoolers, a correct measurement determines the comfort of the shoes. As for the tip, it is better to choose a larger size (not too much) in order to provide ample space to the toes. The next important tip is related to the time of sizing. So, when is it? According to some experts, the best times to measure the feet are either in the evening or late afternoon. Why is that? At the time, the feet are at their largest size.

Also, using the shoe size chart for preschoolers is not only about the measurement of the bare feet but also when the kids wear the socks. The key is not to choose shoes that are too small as it may cause discomfort and other issues like heel slippage. Just use the chart and talk to the seller first before purchasing! It is a must, after all.

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