The right ways how to organize shoes in small space

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Owning our own home or living in an apartment is a joy. The house or apartment does not have to be big and luxurious. The most important of all is the comfort of the building itself. Although, you must know the way good to organize your things. As well as the shoes that you have in your house. In this article, I will show you how to organize shoes in small space.

Instead of keeping the shoes rumpled in one place, arranging your shoes need the right ways to keep it tidy. Especially if you have small space to live. However, do not worry about it, here are few ways to organize it.


The right ways how to organize shoes in small space

These are the list of organizing shoes in small space. You should try the following ideas to keep your shoes neatly organized, and the most important that your home will look more spacious.

  1. Store it under your bed

You might want to consider to buy a bed that has a special place underneath. This idea is a very creative how to organize shoes in small space. Storing your footwear underneath the bed will make your room look more spacious than ever. This method will also make the shoes you have more durable.

  1. Use the room under the stairs

Having second story house surely will make an extra room under the stair. You can use this room for storing things that you have like the shoes. Just put a storage underneath it to store the footwear. If you have enough cash, build a small closet to keep the shoes.

  1. Hang the shoes in the closet

Has this way ever crossed your mind? This way is a very effective to organize shoes in small space. You can just buy a hanger, and put the shoes in it then hang in the closet that you have. Just make sure you clean the shoes before storing it.

  1. Buy a shelf for shoes

Shoe rack designed specifically for the footwear. It will neatly organize the shoe without sacrificing enough space. You can choose the minimalist shoe shelf to make the room look neat and spacious.

  1. Hang It On The Wall

If you have a limited amount of cash, you can try this tips. It will not use much space and also very easy to do. You can buy cheap pegged coat rack. However, you must clean the shoes as often as possible due to the direct contact with dust. This way is how to organize shoes in small space that will not cost you much.

  1. Use Garage

If you have a garage, why don’t you store the footwear in there? Despite that garage is a place for parking, but this room is a suitable place if you have limited space to the another room. You can hang it on the wall or buy a special rack for the shoes.

Those are some examples of how to organize shoes in small space. You can utilize the way I have mentioned. It will make your room look spacious.


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