The Best Shoes for Elderly to Prevent Falls, Men And Women

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Every year about one-third of elders over sixty-five years will fall. This case will increase to almost half of people aged over 80 years. There are some easy things that we can do to help the elder to stay firmly on their toes. One way that we can do is by choosing the right shoes for elderly to prevent falls. Before deciding to buy shoes for elder, let’s take a look at the five characteristics of good shoes.

The Characteristics of Good Shoes

It is crucial that we advise the older people about the importance of wearing proper shoes. Well-Fitting shoes can aid improved walking and movements. Here are the characteristics of shoes for elderly to prevent falls before buying.

1. Comfortable

It is a truth that elders have gentle feet. Choosing the regular shoes might be troublesome and harsh for old people to wear. There should be no occurrence of sores or leg ache, although that worn for an extended of time. Therefore the shoes must be ergonomically comfortable.

2. Stable

A soft and durable heel is a right choice when deciding to buy shoes. Shoes with the stable heel could prevent slip and limit the vertical or horizontal sudden heel movement. It is the best shoes for elderly to prevent falls.

3. Have Enough Space

There should be sufficient space in the front area of the shoe for the toes. During the regular walk, the legs could extend about one centimeter. Therefore, we should consider choosing longer shoes than your toes.

4. Ease of maintenance

Before buying a pair of shoes, stain-proof is essential. The color also has a major role in keeping the shoes clean. The dark color will certainly disguise the stain compared with the brighter colors. Why do we bother cleaning the footwear every single day?

5. Adjustable

The last thing that you should know is by choosing shoes with an adjustable strap and simple fastening. Save time for fastening the shoes.
Once you have considered choosing footwear with the proper characteristic, you can buy the right shoes for elderly to prevent falls. Here are some references for you.

Best shoes for elderly to prevent falls: Men’s shoes

Here are the top list of shoes for elder men :

1. Men’s Extra Extra Wide Slippers

This shoe is excellent for the elder that has a foot problem. The foam insole is very comfortable to wear. Especially, there is an anti-bacterial for controlling odor and stains. This shoe is also simple to adjust. There fore, it is the right choice to buy.

2. Wide Propet Shoes for Men

This very wide-fitting men’s shoe is super comfortable for the toes and anti slip. Leather becomes the foremost part of this shoe. It has two Easy Touch closures, that can be easily adjusted for width to prevent injury. Consequently, this is great shoes for elderly to prevent falls.

Best shoes for elderly to prevent falls : Women’s shoes

Here are the top list of shoes for elder women :

1. New Balance Women’s Walking Shoe

The New Balance 928 womens walking shoe
The New Balance Women’s Walking Shoe is comfortable for the feet and has an anti-shock absorbing. It is the perfect shoes for elder women to choose.

2. Caihee Women’s Fashion Leather Shoes

Although this shoe is intended for elders to wear, this particular footwear is stylish. The outsole is anti slip to prevent falls.
Those are some shoes for elderly to prevent falls that could help senior men and women to improve their confidence while walking.

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