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Have you ever hard about Josepi Shoes? Well, perhaps many of you are more familiar with the name Giuseppe Zanotti, which is actually the same. This brand is originally famous in Italy, where you can find many beautiful fashion products. This includes the Josepi, which is more famous with their ankle boots. Despite the fact, you can also find numerous types of shoes offered by such manufacturer including high heels, sneakers, sandals, etc. For those who look for references, you can read more information here.

Sock-Detailed Double-Zip Sneakers

Are you looking for good sneakers? Well, you should look no more. This one provides you with both style and durability. The sneaker comes with black color and it has double zippers on the side part of the shoes. Not only you can wear it for hanging out, the sneaker is suitable to attend classes as well. As for the price, you need to spend $795 for it.

Calf Hair & Suede Double-Zip Sneakers

Some of you might not like black sneakers, no? In this case, you can choose other options, especially this one. The shoes come with light brown creamy color and double zip, which has a distinct design to the previous one. Also, the undersurface color is white, providing a calm appearance to the sneaker. In terms of style, it is more appealing as well and suits those who want an attention from their friends or people on the street. What about the price. Suprisingly, it has the same price tag with the previous sneaker ($795).

Brown Suede & Leather Double-Zip Sneakers

What is next? This one looks both casual and elegant. Thanks to the majestic brown color and learther material. You can proudly walk on the stree in both style and comfort. Aside from the high-quality leather, the sneaker comes with black undersurface (which is a great combination to the brown color). Not to mention it comes with double zippers as well. The best thing is that the price is more affordable than its siblings, which is around $665.

Green Army Suede & Leather Double-Zip Sneakers

As an alternative, this sneaker is worth to buy due to its unique color and durable leather. The green army color indeed may impress everyone and the sneaker comes with double zip too. The undersurface color is black and the price is about $695. With such values, the shoes become a a great footwear for boys or girls in colleges, for sure. What do you think?

Velvet Lace-Up Ankle Booties

Here is another reference, which is considered the best item for women. It is called Velvet Lace-Up Ankle Booties and come with both amazing design and material. The only consideration is that you should spend much money to own it. The recent price is around $1,295, which is definitely not cheap.


Overall, Josepi Shoes become good items for your collection. Despite the high price, the value of such footwear is definitely satisfying. Everyone can wear them proudly due to its high-quality design and durability, in fact.


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