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New shoes release applicationTechnology development as new shoes release application today has been on and in progress and the progress seems to be unstoppable of everything. Started from Smartphone, smart watch, smart home, and so on. As we know before in the present days, there has been shoes which are smart to camouflage depending on the feet’s form of the wearers, now there have been shoes where you can change its designs as your appearing desires yourself.

It is unimaginable. When you have shoes and you can determine the motives as good as your heart wants for that. When you are tired of one motive, just change another motive. So there is no need to change your shoes, are you?
Every time you can change the shoe motives

A developing new shoes release application company operating New York, ShiftWear, has already introduced his ideas. The company makes shoes supported with the special screen in order to show up the design existing in your smart phone and computer. If you have these shoes, you don’t ever need to buy new shoes anymore. The shoes will be suitable for your worn clothes. It is interesting, is it?.

The ways of work for Shift wear

In this article, you may try to imagine the new shoes release application works of shift wear and to see deeper. What a genius invention of shoes!. The smart shoes coming from Shift Wear can be connected to Smartphone. You are able to change the shoe motives easily and directly you can change the shoe motives from your Android providing application through or your computer instead. Just turn on your shoes, and then choose the motives provided in your Smartphone. Finally, the motives you prefer to use will appear directly on your smartphone coming from the company of shift wear.

The ways of working of its shoes have been inspirited by the smart watch that could ease you to change the smart watch screen with a picture, or even your own photos. Just, in the case of shift wear shoes, the shoes use screen display like a canvas of shoes. These are not only to display photos, but also animation. It is still unknown yet of the way to connect between the shoes and our smart phone so far but it has been existing and you are to know about it.

Smart shoe technology

With the special technology, where shift wear has invented, creating the picture displayed by the canvas seems obvious. The canvas color will look sharper even under the brightening sunshine. Moreover, for the technology, the shoe smart components are strong under water when even touching a water these are unbreakable and also we can wash it up. very nice, is it?
Talking about electrical power, the batteries in those smart shoes could stand for 30 days. Unforgettably, these smart shoes also complete its performance by having a technology for Walk to Charge. It means that you will not be lack of power since you walk wearing these shoes.

It is thriftier and making more money with shift wear company

If you are a designer or someone who likes to create a unique motive, the smart shoes of ShiftWear open an opportunity for you to make money. It is for you, the company only wants you to make the best design and you can upload the picture you have made. The picture, you can use yourself in your smart shoes of shift wear free. When the others want to use the picture of yours, they have to pay. Interesting is it?

Besides, having ShiftWear, you don’t need to have many shoes so as to be matching of the clothes you are wearing. It is only to change the motives from your smart phone. You can have those shoes without buying again and again.
If you are curious of new shoes release application in this article you can do a pre-order after visiting the website of ShiftWear. That has three variant models and the company will distribute it in 2016. Here is a bit information to know the application newer in shoes, bye.

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